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Ssiiba Munaana (Day 8) - Gingo Blessings! by Mark Laster

It was such a great experience being back in Gingo Village. Many of the community members remembered us from the previous year and were so welcoming to our current team members. I was truly honored to be asked by Pastor Paul to share a message about true salvation at Amazing Grace church on Sunday morning. It was a packed house and probably had more visitors than normal since the clinics would begin after the service. Seeing the number of people who came forward to give their lives to Christ and the number who chose to rededicate their lives was such an amazing blessing to our team. Please join us in praying that they will continue to be engaged with their local church and to grow deeper in their faith.

The sports activities, vision, dental, health and sanitation clinics were non-stop. Every team member was touched by the love and appreciation shown by the community and it’s such a blessing to see our team loving the people of Gingo in return. Once again God has blessed us with an amazing team.

There was great turn out, of both adults and children, at the Amazing Grace church later in the evening for the showing of the first half (because the projector battery went dead) of the Jesus Film (I’m believing that battery issue was part of God’s plan for someone who needed to come the next night) and we were able to finish it the next night with an equally engaged and similarly sized crowd. Pastor Paul closed the film with a message to all that was well received. We continue to pray for this growing church family in Gingo.

And one other major thing happened in Gingo! The borehole well. It has been a challenging project over the last year to get to the point of drilling, which was supposed to have been completed several weeks before our arrival. But God had other plans! I was headed to town to pick up water for the day when I passed the drilling truck on its way to the site. I’m sure the drillers were wondering about the crazy Mzungu with all of the cheering and honking that I was doing! We praised God a day later when they hit “good water” just over 100 meters down. While, most of the team won’t be here for the commissioning, it was truly a blessing to experience the drilling.

It has been a wonderful few days in Gingo and we thank God for the opportunity to serve Him in this community. We are so very thankful for New Life Fellowship Church who donated the funds for the well and for the many supporters who donated for the new pit latrine and sanitation station that will be available for the community to use.

I pray the Holy Spirit will continue to work within the hearts of the people in Gingo village and through the love we felt during our time there, each member of our team will find themselves growing closer in the love of Jesus.

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