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Sponsorship Donation

Thank you for being a Gifted Student Sponsor. To submit a one time Group sponsorship donation click here:




To sponsor a specific student by setting up monthly recurring donations through PayPal see the instructions below, then click on the Sponsor A Student button: 

Below are instructions to set up the monthly (or annual) recurring donations.  If you prefer to receive monthly invoices or if you have any questions, please email us at or call us a 479-222-0547.










Enter the name of the student you are sponsoring in the comment box before  checkout. 


100% of your donation, other than credit card processing fees, will be used to supply:


  • Food

  • Uniforms

  • Books and Educational Materials

  • School Fees

  • Exam Fees

  • Medical Examinations

  • Basic Necessities

  • Transportation Fees for Students

  • In Country Delivery Fees for Materials or Necessities

  • Support for Ugandan sponsorship staff (5,000 UShs approximately $1.35 US)

  • International Money Transfer Fees (approximately 1%)

To (1) see Students in Need of educational sponsorship, (2) Request information about our sponsorship program or to submit sponsorship donations by mail, or (3) Contact us, click below:

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