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Our mini-book is a planning guide, available in paperback and kindle e-book formats on Amazon, that shares what we have learned before, during and after mission trips to Uganda. It is intended to be a helpful tool, full of valuable tips for first time mission trippers to Uganda, related to booking, planning, packing, traveling safely, staying healthy, interacting, communicating, eating and doing. It also includes a brief summary of Uganda's sometimes tragic history since achieving independence from colonial rule, anecdotal experiences from previous mission trips and a few suggestions for interesting and fun excursions to consider during free time while in the country. While, it does not purport to include everything one might possibly want to know before traveling to Uganda, we hope that it includes the right amount of information to convince the reader to  follow God’s call to go on mission in Uganda so any remaining questions will be answered through the reader's own amazing, life altering experiences. 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of this book will be used to support Live in Light Ministries partner programs.