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Do Missions With Us 

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Do missions with us ….

Live in Light Ministries partners with trusted, local organizations in East Africa to shine the light of God by helping children, families and communities overcome spiritual, educational, physical and social impacts of poverty. We have been doing missions in East Africa since 2010 and are blessed to be able to share our experience and knowledge about the region and the amazing people who live there. It is our hope that anyone who is inspired will take the step to follow God’s call to go on mission in Uganda or Rwanda. To request an application or to request more information click                      or email 

How we do missions……

We believe that mission trips should build long term relationships with a small number of communities. Our mission teams facilitate longterm impact in the lives of children and families in our partner communities by annually sponsoring dental, vision and sanitation and health clinics, supporting local churches in impoverished areas, providing education and skills training programs for orphans, vulnerable children and widows, establishing ministries for economic growth, participating in sports ministry outreach programs, facilitating access to clean water and regularly visiting a children’s hospital. 







Community Outreach

Simple   Construction

Sports Ministry

Vision Clinics

Mission trip costs and details…..

The mission trip price includes airport pick up and return (on scheduled transport dates), mission team ground transportation within Uganda, guesthouse or hotel accommodations, three meals per day, bottled water and mission project costs.

  • $200 Nonrefundable Donation for Projects will reserve your spot and is due to the U.S. office within ten days after your application is approved. 100% of donation fee will be used to facilitate missions projects for the benefit of partner communities.

In addition to the nonrefundable project donation, in country fees are based on the length of time you plan to do missions (from 7 to 12 nights in Uganda):


Mission Trip Costs for Uganda 

  • $735 per person -  for 7 night trip, arrival in Uganda  June 21, 2023. For longer stays, fees increase by $105  per night. Space is limited and subject to availability. A later arrival date or earlier departure dates is possible with an additional fee for airport pick-up or drop off  ($50 fee each way).  

Optional cultural activities….

We believe that hard work and service require time to rest and reflect on what you are experiencing and offer optional cultural activities or even a mini-safari if desired. Because mission trips are usually tax-deductible (please confirm with your tax advisor), the cost of cultural activities cannot be included the mission price and are available for an additional fee.

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