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Ssiiba Kkumi Na Ssatu (Day 13) - Mzungus (some) Can Play! by Halley Laster

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Today was another wonderful day in the beautiful country of Uganda. The day started off at 8 am with the usual fried eggs and toast for breakfast, and then continued as we made the bus ride from the guest house to Banda (a slum community). The ride was less than an hour (much shorter than the 2 hour rides to Zirobwe and Jingo earlier in the week). Once we got to Banda, 6 other team members and I stayed behind at the local football (soccer) field while the rest of the group went on their way to get the health, sanitation and eye glass clinics set up for the day.

The 7 of us who stopped at the field had an amazing time playing football with many of the boys who participate in a local ministries' sports outreach program. Some of us knew more about football than others.... and the boys knew exactly which Mzungus had and had not played football before 😂 To me it is amazing how naturally talented almost all Ugandans are at football. It’s like it’s in their blood.

After a few hours on the football field, Edgar, our amazing bus driver, took us to meet up with the rest of the team. Once we arrived, it was clear that the rest of the team had already had a very busy start to their day. There were many people waiting to be seen. Or should I say, waiting to be able TO see. 🤪 As the day went on, the line got shorter and we were able to pack everything up before 4:00. We saw about 160 people. Combined with the previous day we saw about 330 people in total from the Banda slum community and were able to provide glasses to nearly all of them. Nothing can ever compare to the joy on a persons face when they are able to see again for the first time in a long time.

After another hard days' work, we all headed back to the guest house. For 8 of the 20 team members, tonight would be their last night in Uganda. They will be leaving tomorrow after the church service in Mpigi District and most of the

rest of us will be departing on Monday. Although it is sad that the trip is coming to an end, nothing will ever take away the love we all share for each other, and the love of God we witnessed and felt throughout the entire journey. :)

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