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Ssiiba Mukaaga (Day 6) - Praise, Prayers and Blessings! by Kaylee Laster

After arriving in Kampala (the capital of Uganda) yesterday afternoon, we woke up this morning to the rest of our team who had arrived late in the night. We now have a total of 20 instead of 10! We had a delicious breakfast of Spanish omelets, toast, and fresh fruit. YUM! 

We then headed to Mityana District for our first project in a village called Jingo. Our team broke up into groups to provide free services including dental work, an eye glass clinic, and sanitation classes to those who came. Having the privilege of working in the eye glass clinic, on our first day of clinics, we were able to improve the sight for 126 Ugandans of all ages. Praise God! Some of the older patients had not been able to read their bibles in years. It was amazing to see their face and HUGE smiles when we finally found the right pair. When they received their glasses, many started reading the bible out loud to us and did not want to stop. It was such a wonderful experience. 

When our clinic had ended for the day, we packed up our glasses and followed the local Ugandans to a house where our suitcases full of supplies would stay for the evening. Upon arriving to a beautiful home, some of our team members met a man called Vincent, who lived there with his wife. They learned that he had been diagnosed with parkinson's disease, which is a disorder of the central nervous system that causes uncontrollable shaking. God has placed Vincent on our hearts and we know He WILL show us a miracle and remove this disease. We have been praying for Vincent each day, and I ask for prayers from anyone reading this as well. Through Jesus, he will be healed.

After a long, but fulfilling day of work, we headed back to Kampala where we ate local foods which consisted of chicken, rice, beans, and our favorite... chapatti! With our hearts full and our eyes tired, most of us headed to our rooms for an early bed time, for the next day would be one that required loads of energy!

We are so blessed with the rewarding work God has sent us to do. We know He has picked the perfect team for this mission trip and continue to pray that he uses us to share the word to all we encounter. 

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