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Ssiiba Bbiri (Day 2) - Good morning from Rwanda! by Kelsie Boyd

Good morning from Rwanda! After breakfast composed of fresh passionfruit, plantains and coffee we are in the bus headed to the youth hostel! There we meet Joshua and Kevin, who help run the program. We got to tour their new facilities and chat with the staff. Joshua then took us to see the Sewing program that they run, which helps train and certify women so they can run their own businesses, and make their own income!

Then we went to the Rwandan Genocide Museum - A memorial to our brothers and sisters who perished in the 1994 pointless propaganda mass murder. We learned about Ubumuntu - humanity, goodness and kindness which is the overall feeling I have in Rwanda and Uganda. The museum is a memorial and education center that’s purpose is to build peace after genocide against the Tutsi people.

Afterwards we got back on the bus and took a ride to western Uganda. It rained, a lot, but Rwanda is beautiful. We had to get our passports stamped to leave Rwanda, and then we crossed the border and then had to get re-stamped to enter in Uganda. Gotta love the diplomacy. Then we drove and drove and drove and DROVE, into the Ugandan mountains. Finally we reached our destination, Karungi camp, as we start to pull in Kim mentions to the driver “Edgar we can walk from here if you think it’s too steep” only to be answered with a single chuckle of disbelief. Which made our bus erupt in laughter. Then we had cream of onion soup made with fresh onions from the garden, steak, rice and vegetables! After a long days journey and a full stomach, sleep came easy... for most of us.

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