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Siiba Emu (Day 1) - Let's Get Started and Good Night! by Kim

Hi and thanks for reading our mission team blog! So many people have asked what we do do on mission trips that we decided to write a team blog to share about our days. I think it's super cool that readers will get a perspective from a different person each day. I get to kick it off with an introduction, share a bit about travel and our arrival in East Africa.

We have 20 team members for our mission trip. Half of the team arrives a few days earlier in Rwanda before meeting up with the other half of the team in Uganda. Although plans are always TENTATIVE when working in Africa, we are all excited to get started on the mission projects on which we will be working. Some of the things we hope to accomplish include providing dental, vision and health/hygiene clinics in rural and slum communities, sports ministry in a slum community, serving in local schools, visiting and praying with patients in a disabled children’s hospital, hosting The Jesus Film in a rural church, drilling and installing a borehole (deep well) for a rural community and more!

After 25+ hours of travel, including a layover in Amsterdam, all 10 of our team members arrived in Kigali, Rwanda, around 7:00 pm local time (which is late morning US time for most of our team). AND we gave thanks to the Lord that all 20 of our checked bags also arrived, which was critical from a timing perspective for this leg of the journey. The flights are long (as you can see in the picture below, Emma stayed chipper the whole time) but it is so worth it after you arrive! After a quick drive to our beautiful guest house for the night and an even quicker meal of sandwiches, we were all ready to get some sleep! Sula Bulungi (Good Night).

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