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Ssiiba Mwenda (Day 9) - A Day of Rest for Our Team, by Nikki Van Dyke

Working the clinics for three days was so rewarding yet exhausting, and we needed to recharge before beginning again on Wednesday. I know my mental state was crumbing this morning but the support of team picked me up and put me back together. We each carry stress and exhaustion differently and my team knew just how to be there for me. 

The mood lightened a little when we loaded up for our first trip of the day. Little did Kim know, Mark had decorated the whole bus with balloons to wish her a happy anniversary! I can’t think of a better way to nurture a marriage than to fulfill a mission together in a beautiful country. 

Even though we called it our day off, we still managed to squeeze in God’s work. We took our bus to Katelemwa Cheshire hospital in Kampala to visit some children in need of stuffed animals (lovies), a few medical supplies, and lots of prayer. 

After our visit to the hospital, we ate lunch at a nice restaurant with cold drinks! I think we spoiled ourselves by topping it all off with ice cream, but it was worth it! We headed to the craft market after lunch to pick up some items for our family members at home whom we miss so much. It was a good reminder of the sacrifice we are all making by being away from loved ones, but by the end of the night we were ready to push through the rest of the week. 

Heading home in Kampala during rush hour is an experience, and we all vowed to never complain about I49 again! Feeling refreshed and rested, we ate dinner as one big family, laughing and recalling our favorite parts of the week. The best part of the night was celebrating Mark and Kim’s 25th wedding anniversary with an amazing cake from the staff!

Overall, today was full of surprises, sweet treats, and love. Lots of love. 

As we prepared for bed, we all did our part to pack suitcases filled with glasses, clothes, and soccer cleats to get ready for the day ahead in Zirobwe. Some of us are pretty excited to get to see our sponsored children again! That moment will live with me forever as I see their faces and reconnect after two years. At the same time, I will also get to see our new team members fall in love with the same village I fell in love with my first visit.

I cannot wait to see where this next journey takes us, but the trust I have in this team carries me safely along the way. And a few laughs don’t hurt either ❤️

Live in Light

Nikki Van Dyke

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